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"I want a Latte....what do I order"

If you have asked this question, you are not alone. Truth is we hear this alot! Walking into any coffee shop without knowing what to order can be overwhelming, even intimidating. If you like coffee but not black try a Latte! Depending on your size choice one to three shots of espresso are added with steamed milk. The milk brings out the notes in the espresso without an overpowering bitterness. You can order lattes hot or iced. FLAVOR IT UP: with sauces or syrups of choice to complete your perfect Latte! Vanilla is a classic. Adding in chocolate is called a Mocha Latte and also is a go-to. Want to enjoy a latte without all the buzz? Try our Slow-Motion decaf. Want to Mix It Up: Request non-dairy milk like oat or almond. We are introducing hemp and cashew as well to our alternative choices. TOP IT OFF with Whip or Cold Foam + drizzle of choice or a garnish! When in doubt: step to the register and let us help you!

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