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Our Story

Our lives are extremely dynamic and seem to change all the time..sometimes at paces we cannot believe are true! You might be a small business owner today and then you find a much better opportunity. Or maybe you receive a great offer of selling your business and retiring to pursue other dreams and passions. The changes in such situations are often very complex yet have to happen pretty fast

With all that said, we are thrilled to announce that Chris & Tasha Dashiell are the new owners of Casey Coffee Company. Tasha has been the active GM at the .Co for almost a year and has found a passion for service, the community, her Brew Crew team and the culture that a coffee shop brings. Some changes may be made but the .Co will continue to bring the “Big City Vibe” to a small town.

Thank you to our sippers for your continued support, encouragement and loyalty. We will continue to maintain our amazing customer service, our .Co vibe and of course our stellar menus!

Thank you to Ronnie and Missy for your time and efforts starting the .Co. A dream of others that you made a reality. A beautiful third space for locals and tourists.

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