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Our Owners

Hi! It’s a new year so I wanted to take a minute** to re-introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Tasha! 

This is the goal for the .Co in 2024. The past year has brought so much joy, change, challenge, and love. It has been a journey transitioning to Small Business Ownership. My family has loved serving you through each season this year. This adventure has allowed more time with loved ones and more hard work than I ever imagined. The support from my family and friends has been top notch and has blessed me to the deepest depths. Watching my girls work along side me, learning and growing, is so special. Having my husband along for the journey has strengthened us and exposed new levels of connection. We are so thankful!

Growing with my team has been so fun! Watching them excel in their roles is inspiring. We have watched some go and some new ones come aboard. Every team member has increased in coffee and business knowledge. The connections the brew crew makes with all of you is so rich in love! Shout out to my dream team-we couldn’t do this without you!

Community: this is an important one, friends. We are abundantly blessed with a great community in Casey and the surrounding area as well as our own little .Co community. You all are our motivation and why we strive to push ourselves and improve.

You have every failure God, you have every victory. This year has been a victory and we owe it all to you!

Tasha Dashiell

Casey Coffee Company 

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