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Our Story

Life has a way of carving out a path for you. Sometimes you help guide it. You start with a dream, then a well thought out plan and before you know it you have designed and built the life you wanted. Other times life takes an unexpected twist and turn. Your dream and the well-thought-out plan become something a little different than you had visioned. Casey Coffee Company started out with a dream and a plan. The plan was almost completed when life took a sharp turn. When the detour is too great, you have to pull over and switch drivers in the middle. Dreams and plans had to be rethought, reevaluated, and a new direction was decided. Sometimes the path that is laid before you is very different than what you had mapped out. There will always be bumps and if you live in Illinois there might even be a few potholes to maneuver around. If you stop looking in the rearview mirror and decide to look out the clear windshield in front of you, no matter how many twists, turns, bumps, or potholes you may find, the journey will always be beautiful. May you find the straightest path, make the most of your detours, and may you always look forward, finding joy in the journey.
- Ronnie and Missy Davidson

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