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Our lives are extremely dynamic and seem to change all the time..sometimes at paces we cannot believe are true! You might be a small business owner today and then you find a much better opportunity. Or maybe you receive a great offer of selling your business and retiring to pursue other dreams and passions. The changes in such situations are often very complex yet have to happen pretty fast

With all that said, we are thrilled to announce that Chris & Tasha Dashiell are the new owners of Casey Coffee Company. Tasha has been the active GM at the .Co for almost a year and has found a passion for service, the community, her Brew Crew team and the culture that a coffee shop brings. Some changes may be made but the .Co will continue to bring the “Big City Vibe” to a small town.

Thank you to our sippers for your continued support, encouragement and loyalty. We will continue to maintain our amazing customer service, our .Co vibe and of course our stellar menus!

Thank you to Ronnie and Missy for your time and efforts starting the .Co. A dream of others that you made a reality. A beautiful third space for locals and tourists.

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We Are Casey Coffee Company

Casey Coffee Company

We will get there…we finally got there!!

As many of you have heard my family and I made the decision to go ahead a sell the coffee shop. This decision was made with the best interest of my family, keeping our community in mind recognizing what the coffee shop brings to it. It is a space where everyone feels like family, and you can be at home here. We knew that it would take the right person to be able to continue to keep the heart of the .Co Tasha has the heart and the dream for it and we believe we are turning it over to good hands.

When I look back over the past 2.5 years not only do I see growth in our business, I also see how much we have grown as people. We went from never dreaming of a coffee shop to opening day in a little over a month. We didn’t have a business plan or even know how to make a cup of coffee let alone steam the milk, and latte art…not even in our imagination. I can’t count how many times that I have said “we will get there”. It kinda became my motto. Every day was a new dilemma, something that needed to be worked on, or perfected. Somehow, with hard work, and big dreams, I think we got there. I believe that if my dad were here, he would have been so proud of this coffee shop that started out as his dream.

Casey Coffee Company has been blessed by the support of our community, and our locals keep us going all year around. We would not be here without your support!! Thank you for being part of our family, and we know you will continue to be a part of the .Co! We also have something that most small towns dream of and that is we also are blessed to have tourism. Our small place on the map becomes this lively place when people stop by to see the Big Things in a Small Town. The stories, the adventures and the dreams that we get to be a part of when you come and sip awhile, makes our heart smile. Thank you for taking the road less traveled and visiting with us. We look forward to seeing you again!

I have to tell you that we have always been surrounded by the best people. Even those that moved on for various reasons, we learned from them and hopefully we touched their lives in one way or another. Once we opened the doors we, as owners we made sure that our vision was kept, but the day to day was all handled by the people you as a customer get to see everyday. They did it all. The countless hours, the continuous smiles, and the best cup of coffee is all them. They took pride in their work, and wanted to make you fall in love with the .Co just like they did.To them we will ever be grateful, and you will always be part of my family.

As we transition from one owner to the next, one thing that I am sure of, is you will still feel like family, you will continue to be served with a smile and you will always be served the best sips. It is my hope and prayer that the Casey Coffee Company will continue to grow and who knows maybe they will have 100’s of locations. We will always know that in some small way we were able to be a part of something that became so big!

Always your family,

Missy, Ronnie, Myah,

Brady, Joanna, Kasen, Kenna, & Kolbe

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