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2022 Signature Sip Contest Winner

Lava Lotus by Maddie Hurt

"I wanted to create the perfect drink for summer!! I wanted to include a bunch of fruity flavors to remind you of the beach!! The name Lava Lotus was made with the Hawaii volcanos in mind so you can sip on your Lava Lotus and imagine watching the Hawaii waves with the volcanos in the background!!"

The drink is a lotus based drink with blueberry, strawberry, and dragon fruit syrups and topped with fresh strawberries! 


Design a Donut

You Deserve A Donut

Cumberland 5th Grade students started a persuasive writing unit in their English classes. The topic for this writing assignment was "Design a Donut Contest".

In the "Design a Donut Contest," students develop and practice persuasive writing skills with a contest. First, they each designed and sketched a new and unique donut. Then they used persuasive writing to explain why the .co should choose their donuts for the featured "Flavor of the day donut"

Every student in the 5th grade created and presented their writing to the class. Each class voted on one Donut to be the Featured Donut. Then, they brought the top voted Donut from each class and had the Casey Coffee Company vote on a winner for the entire grade!

AND THE WINNER: THE OREO DONUT! A cream filled ring, dipped in white chocolate and coated in crushed Oreos. 

The .Co is proud to create the winning donut for all the 5th grade to enjoy! 

.CO WINNERS: Welcome
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